5 May 2016


Pagi-pagi lagi mood ada baik! hehe..tengok give away yang dibuat oleh sis shamiera kite. hurmm... dah lah kipling dan iolls harap iolls dapat menang tapi xdpt xpe yang penting dapat ramai kengkawan baru dekat blog. HOLLA!!

                                                Jom Follow!!
Hi everyone...

This will be my first ever organizing a giveaway.. Hope everyone would love to participate it...

Shamiera Osmen Superb Giveaway!!
Copy banner to join

How to join?

1. Copy the banner and make one post about it.
2. Follow my blog SHAMIERA OSMENT
3. Follow my G+
4. Like my FB page 
and Follow my FB acc 
5. Follow my instagram @shamieraosment
6. Follow my twitter  
7. Do copy and paste your blogpost link in the comment section. :)

as simple as that you can win a new brand Kipling's Pouch bag! \\ (^-^)'//

and the 2nd and 3rd winner will win the adorable Kipling's Monkey Plugging... 

Giveaway is happening from the 1st May to 31st May 2016 !

Thank you everyone!


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